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Automatic Peeling Machine

Product Description


Automatic Peeling Machine has three sections included. This area is additionally one of the most significant strides in cashew preparing industry.

Peeling Machine:

  • Need automatic feeding and peeling mechanically. The impact reckoning on pre-processing skill-drying kernel process, the a lot of dried the peeling result higher. additionally the peeling time set a lot of long, the peeling quantitative relation higher however broken quantitative relation additionally higher, opposite, the peeling time set shorter, the peeling quantitative relation lower however the unbroken quantitative relation lowlier. therefore additionally wants the operator check a lot of time, then get the simplest record.
  • Cashew kernel grading machine: running roller style, to separate the broken in the buff kernel, whole kernel and un-peeled kernel when peeling machine by manual, this section wants concerning 2-3 staff, it's helpful to boost peeling impact and save production time. 7.5kw compressor, necessary instrumentality operating with peeling machine, that provide the atmospheric pressure to the peeling machine to realize peeling work.

Product Details:

Power >4 kw
Automation Grade Automatic
Product To be Peeled Potato,Onion,Garlic
Material Stainless Steel
Capacity 10-20 kg/hr