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Peanut Butter Machine

Product Description


Peanut Butter Machine is for the most part utilized for creating peanut spread, almond margarine, salty margarine, peppery margarine, sesame glue, etc. Its greatest bit of leeway is high yield, and the nutty spread causing machine to can legitimately transform the materials into the entire nut pounding glue. Plus, the nut better handling apparatus can be utilized to granulate nut milk, protein milk, soya milk, dairy items, organic product juice and so on. The highlights of high return, high effectiveness and little size make the nutty spread machine very well known both for home and business use.


  • The entire machine body is made of hardened steel which make it has compacted structure, stable working, low voice, rust-verification, simple to clear and keep up
  • The peanut butter machine can be utilized to pound nut almonds, sesame, tomato, cashew nut, bean, pea, stew, garlic and ginger and so forth
  • The machine is appropriate for cafe's, general stores, home, little handling plant, huge processing plant and modern and so on for business use
  • Material in the wake of preparing, molecule size of 100 ~ 150 microns, homogeneous level of over 90%, is the perfect hardware of fine powder handling

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Capacity 10-20 kg/hr
Material Stainless Steel
Voltage 220 V
Frequency50 Hz