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Automatic Chapati Making Machine

Chapati making machine in india

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The basic diet in 99% of Indian households includes Chapati also known as flatbreads. The significance of Chapatis goes way back into relating to the tradition and culture of our country. From generations, we have been eating Chapatis and are said to be our staple food. Making roti can be a stressful job, sometimes you end making 3-4 chapatis per person, and imagine living a joint family. To rescue from all these problems, Automated Chapati Making machine in India was introduced addressing need of the market.

It takes approximately 30 mins to make roti, it totally depends on the size of the family, an automatic machine makes It easier for cooks and saves a lot of time. With one of the Best Chapati Making Machine in India, we aim to make the most tedious job of making Rotis fun now for consumers. It is served hot right from the machine just as it is served from the pan. These machines are easy to use, and most importantly it does not hamper the quality of Chapatis. It is considered to be healthy as it controls the oil level in each roti made from the machine and also allows to maintain the thickness and roast level of the roti.

Technical Details: Given below are the details for 2000 Chapati / Hour machine

Machine Chapati
Type :Rotary Indexing Conveyor Type Wt. of Chapati : 30-35 gm
TCapacity : 2000 Chapatis / Hr Chapati Thickness : 1 mm - 1.5 mm
L.P.G. Consumption: 2.5 to 3.5kg. Hr Chapati Size : 6" - 8"
L.P.G. Pressure: 5 p.s.i. to 7 p.s.i. Chapati Color : Light Brown
TDimensions: Baking Moulds – 8’(L) x 4’(W)
Forming/pressing Mould - 8’(L) x 2’(W)
Cake forming -2.5’(L) x 2.5’(W)
Appearance : Soft with puffed layer
Electricity Consumption: 4.5 KWH
Conveyor Belt Used: Food Grade Polyurethane Belt
Weight of the Machine: 600 Kg
Operators Needed : 2 ( unskilled )