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Automatic Chapati Making Machine

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Automatic Chapati Making Machine has machine-driven the method of peda creating with chapati making. The Peda Making part delivers Uniformly Rolled Sized Pedas which are then put on Chapati Machine for squeezing and preparing. The manufacture is Soft, Puffed, Home like Chapatis.

Technical Details: Given below are the details for 2000 Chapati / Hour machine

Machine Chapati
Type :Rotary Indexing Conveyor Type Wt. of Chapati : 30-35 gm
TCapacity : 2000 Chapatis / Hr Chapati Thickness : 1 mm - 1.5 mm
L.P.G. Consumption: 2.5 to 3.5kg. Hr Chapati Size : 6" - 8"
L.P.G. Pressure: 5 p.s.i. to 7 p.s.i. Chapati Color : Light Brown
TDimensions: Baking Moulds – 8’(L) x 4’(W)
Forming/pressing Mould - 8’(L) x 2’(W)
Cake forming -2.5’(L) x 2.5’(W)
Appearance : Soft with puffed layer
Electricity Consumption: 4.5 KWH
Conveyor Belt Used: Food Grade Polyurethane Belt
Weight of the Machine: 600 Kg
Operators Needed : 2 ( unskilled )