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Cheetos Kurkure Nik Naks Process Line

Product Description


Cheetos Kurkure Nik Naks Process Line is a unique extruded snack with extraordinary firm taste. The primary crude material is corn meal which is blended in with water equally by the flour blender, pressed and curved by the extruder to frame the unpredictable twists shape, and afterward cut into various length, finally seared or heated and enhanced. Such snacks with rich taste are consistently the client's kindness.

Production Flow:

Flour Mixer → Cheetos Extruder → Conveyor → Rotary Sifter → Elevator Fryer → Vibrating De-Oiler → Flavoring Line → Cooling Conveyor

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Output 120-140kg/h
Machine Type Automatic
Power Source Electric
MaterialStainless Steel