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Flavoring Drum

Product Description


Enhancing Machine is made out of Elevator, Rotary Drum, Powder Sprayer, and Oil Sprayer. The Elevator transmits the dried expulsion nibble to the rotational Drum, and simultaneously, powder flavoring and consumable oil are splashed into it independently by the two sprayers. In the Drum the bites are seasoned similarly. This entire line is midway constrained by the control bureau. The driving engines receive recurrence transformation speed administering framework, and the warming framework is prepared to cutting edge temperature control and show gadgets. The sensible plan, high automation, simple activity, little consuming space, and low utilization all settle on this procedure line your best decision.

The Syrup sugar coating line (PTG) is made out of covering roller and sprayer. The dried extended nourishment is sent by lift into the covering roller and turned with it. Simultaneously, the sprayer showers the syrup into it. With the pivoting, the syrup is covered on the outside of the snacks uniformly.

The machines are made of hardened steel, embracing inverted and steeples speed directing framework to change the engine speed. The warming framework is furnished with cutting edge temperature control and show gadgets.

This procedure line is featured by sensible structure, high automation, basic activity, little consuming space, and low utilization.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Driving Power 1.86 kW
Material Stainless Steel
Machine Type Automatic
Automatic Grade Automatic
Voltage440 V